June 12–20, 1992

Dressing Room Theatre

This Still Ain’t The Catskills

An original comedy cabaret performance

The Curtain Call Players are all members of Curtain Call's Advanced Situation Comedy Workshop, and have been working together for almost two years. 

The Curtain Call Players (in alphabetical order):

Lynne Colatrella

Susan Donovan

Andre Fontanelle

Laurie A. Guzda

Glenn Locke


Jeff Pliskin

Barbara Rittenhouse

Michael Sullivan

Featured Player- Jeff Cooper

Producer- George Strakosch

Directors- Lynne Colatrella, Andre Fontanelle, Laurie A. Guzda, Jeff Pliskin

Musical Director- Stephanie Guamer

The Blues Band "Its"- Frank Ciliberto, Hank Clinton, Mike Koda, Teddy "Bear" Paster

Stage Manager- Julie McMurphy

Lights- Jeff Cooper

Program- Diane Tunick


June 12 and 13, 1992

June 19 and 20, 1992 

7:30 pm and 10 pm