Based on the Miramax motion picture of the same name, written by Geoff Deane and Tim Firth

Director: Debra Lee Failla

Music Director: John Failla
Choreographer: Jennifer Jonas Cahill

Auditions: TBA
Rehearsals: TBA and will generally be held
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, 7pm to 10pm.

Performances: TBA

Please bring a song selection (16-32 bars) either from Kinky Boots or a song in the style of Kinky Boots that shows range and personality. Come dressed to move and bring dance shoes if you have them. If you are interested in Lola or an Angel role, consider wearing heels to the audition.  Be prepared to state all potential rehearsal conflicts. You need only attend one night of auditions, then callbacks if requested.

Kinky Boots Audition Breakdown
**Note all roles require English accents.
**All Ethnicities encouraged to audition.

LOLA/SIMON –  Male 30’s-40’s Tenor Sings C3-B4 (with one top C). The Goddess of Sex on Earth.  A prizefighter’s physique draped in satin, a talented drag queen with the power to change the air in any room she enters.

CHARLIE PRICE – Male Late 20’s – 30’s. Tenor Sings C3–B4. He is handsome and loveable but there is a temper right under the skin. A bit confused and unfocused, with a hero hiding under a victim’s mantle.

LAUREN – Female 20’s – early 30’s Mezzo-soprano Sings B♭3–F♯5. Beautiful, but quirky (not glamourous like Nicola) working class girl. Funny and smart but has had bad luck with men. Terrific comedic actress.

NICOLA – Female 20’s – early 30’s. Mezzo-soprano Sings B♭3–F♯5.  Charlie’s girlfriend since school. Sophisticated looks. A social climber, driven and uncompromising.

DON – Male Late 20’s–40’s. Baritone Sings C3–F4 (must have a strong falsetto to D5 for the Finale). Lola’s nemesis. Burly hyper-masculine bear of a factory worker with a menacing physicality.

TRISH – Female – late 30’s–50’s. Alto Sings B♭3–D5 and must have strong rock/pop belt. Factory worker who has been there longer than any of the other women. A lot of life experience and a lot of responsibility at home.

PAT – Female 30’s-40’s. Mezzo-soprano Sings B♭3–F♯5 and must be strong pop/rock soprano Officious office manager who will let loose her wild side when allowed.

GEORGE – Male – 40’s–60’s. Baritone Sings C3–F4.. Factory Manager, keeping up traditions. Reserved and tightly wound.

YOUNG CHARLIE – to play 7 years old version of lead CHARLIE.  He works in the opening and closing sequences.

YOUNG LOLA/SIMON – to play 10-12 years old Lola. A confident child who finds glory and freedom coming from living life 6 inches off the ground. He works in the opening and closing sequences.

THE ANGELS – Male Identified or Transgender, 20’s – 40’s All voice types, mostly tenor. Lola’s enchanting Drag Queen posse of six and fellow performers at the Blue Angels’ Nightclub. Actors with star quality and personality. Contemporary pop/rock/R&B belt vocals and required to dance in heels.

HARRY/ENSEMBLE – Male, late 20’s-early 30’s. Tenor sings E3-C4. A contemporary of Charlie’s, but his opposite. Successful, self-aware, confident and carefree.  Ability to play acoustic guitar a plus.

SIMON SR./ENSEMBLE – Male 40’s-60’s. Lola’s hotheaded father. A boxer, outraged to find his son in heels.

MR. PRICE/ENSEMBLE – Male 40’s-60’s. Bari-tenor sings B♭2–G4 Charlie’s father, broken hearted to learn Charlie will not take over the family business.

RICHARD BAILEY/ENSEMBLE – Male, 30’s-50’s Nicola’s boss and successful real estate mogul.

MALE and FEMALE ENSEMBLE – All Ethnicities, 20’s – 50’s A diverse (races, body types, energies) of ensemble of workers that populate the factory and represent the blue-collar town of Northampton. All ensemble members must move well, have pop/rock voices, and be willing to wear high heels for the finale.