Director:  Gordon Casagrande

Auditions June 17 & 18 – 7pm to approximately 9pm
Performances: September 19 through October 6
(Plus one week hold for potential extension through October 13.)

This hilarious Broadway comedy surrounds trendy, married New York art dealers Barbara and David, whose domestic tranquility is shattered when Barbara’s uptight, Long Island sister and her straight-laced husband deposit the sisters’ grumpy, eccentric mother on the couple’s doorstep, so they can rush off to Buffalo to rescue their college student daughter from the horror of living only for sex.  The comic sparks really begin to fly when the mother hits it off with the elderly minimalist artist who is the art dealers’ best client.

(Ages are what you can appear onstage.)

Barbara:  40’s.  Chic, sophisticated New York East Side art dealer.  Driven absolutely crazy by her mother.
David:  40’s .  Barbara’s husband.  Also an art dealer.  Irreverent and flippant.
Trudy:  40’s.  Barbara’s prudish, uptight, very frugal sister from Long Island.
Martin:  40’s.  Trudy’s husband. Straight laced, conservative, disapproving accountant.
Sophie:  70’s.  Barbara’s & Trudy’s grumpy, eccentric mother.  Knows how to push her daughters’ buttons.  Changes completely after meeting Maurice.
Maurice:  98.  Internationally known painter.  David’s most important artist.  A suave, charming man who takes a shine to Sophie.

Barbara, David, Trudy, Martin

Barbara & Sophie

Maurice, Barbara,David, Sophie