Written by  Alan BaileyRonnie Claire Edwards
Directed by Gail Yudain

Auditions: October 29 & 30.  7pm to approximately 10pm.
Rehearsals begin November 4.

Performances:  January 10 through 27 (with a possible one week extension).
In The Dressing Room Theatre.

“Wedding Belles”, a sweet, charming comedy about four best friends, down in the south in the 1940’s and along comes a young girl who is engaged to be married, right before her husband gets shipped out to war. The four women befriend her and decide to throw her a wedding in ONE day!!! All chaos breaks loose and it is a true test of friendship, loyalty and bonding. “A Golden Girls” type of atmosphere, 1940’s style.

Busybodies, weddings, love, marriage, friendship, tension and mostly the comedy that keeps life going are explored with humanity and truth, a large dose of humor and a look back at the bittersweet time of 1940’s small town America.  Three friends, Bobrita, Violet, and Glendine, enter the yard of Laura Lee for a garden club planning meeting.  Soon after Laura Lee walks through the door with Ima Jean, an orphaned waif who has been brought back to the house from the local bus station. Laura Lee intends to help Ima Jean while she waits for her soon-to-be deployed soldier fiancé. The two want to marry in a courtroom before he is shipped out. The four friends decide to give Ima Jean and her fiancé, Jesse, a wedding they will never forget.

This decision allows the four women to come together for a new project, something which none are short on, as they are planning for garden club, making cheerleading uniforms, collect for the war effort, and more. Quickly, it becomes clear that they have been together with each other and for each other for what has undoubtedly been a lifetime. Through witty banter it is revealed that they have indeed been friends for the better part of 40 years, since their years together in high school, in what is clearly a very small Texas town. The plot unfolds as the women make the most of their wedding project, diving in with unabashed enthusiasm. When things get a little tense, past issues are revealed and there is a growth and new life in the garden and the lives of all five of the women.


Linda Lee:  Busybody host and overall planner-of-everything in the town.

Glendine Slocumb:  Firecracker, always stylish, married 6 or 7 times.

Bobrita Tolliver:  A good-old girl, straight-shooter, to the point, impatient, smart alec.  Sister to Violet

Violet Montgomery: Frail in her own mind. Religious, a stickler for rules. Sister to Bobrita.

Ima Jean:  An orphan, naive, pure of heart, unworldly with a youthful energy.

Laura Lee side       Laura Lee Glendine Bobrita Violet Ima Jean        
Laura Lee Glendine Bobrita Violet Side      Ima Jean side Glendine side 
Bobrita and Violet side Bobrita side (2) Violet side (2)



Written by Lee Hall, adapted from the screenplay by Tom Stoppard & Marc Norman.
Directed by Gordon Casagrande.

Auditions: November 5 & 6.  7pm to approximately 10pm.
Rehearsals begin after Thanksgiving.

Performances:  February 1 through 23 (with a possible one week extension).
On the Main Stage in the Kweskin Theatre.

“Shakespeare in Love” is a comedy based on the Academy Award winning movie of the same name.  It has the same basic plot and characters and even many of the same lines as the movie.  It was a smash hit on London’s West End in 2014, with one reviewer calling it “A joyous celebration of the theatre.” 

There is a large cast comedy, with 11 men and 3 women in lead or featured roles, and an ensemble of up to 12 men and 8 women.  Many speaking parts.

While it is a comedy and not a musical per se, it does include music (Musical Director Peter Randazzo) and  dance (Choreographer Karen Casagrande).  Leads and featured players do not have to sing.  However, 4 or 5 members of the ensemble will be prominently featured a number of times as singers.  Also, on at least two occasions there will be need of dancers.  It also contains one large scale stage brawl, so some agility is required of all the men.  There will also be on-stage, in costume, musicians.  All auditioning will be given some movement to try.  Those wishing to be considered for the singing parts should prepare an audition song.


The ages listed are the ages you can play on stage.

Will Shakespeare: 30 – 40.   The playwright, but not as famous as he will become in later life. Falls madly & passionately in love with Viola.  Must be equally adept at comedy & romance.

Viola de Lesseps:  Late teens to mid-20s.  Romantic, passionate, exuberant young woman who yearns to be a player & dresses as a man to become one.  Falls madly in love with Will. 

Christopher (Kit) Marlowe:  30 – 40.   The most famous & successful playwright at this time.  Friend of Will.  Clever & engaging.  (A much bigger role than in the movie.)

Henslowe:  40 – 60.  Owner & manager of the Rose Theatre.  The play’s primary comic role.

Fennyman:  40 – 60.  “The Money”.  Tough, hardnosed backer of “Romeo & Ethel the Pirate’s Daughter”.  Becomes enthralled by the theatre.

Ned Allyn:  30 – 40.  Supremely self-confident leading player/stage director of the Admiral’s Men.  Commands the stage as only a true leading man can.

Nurse:  50 – 60.  Much like the nurse in “Romeo & Juliet”.  Viola’s personal servant.  Level headed with a comic flair. 

Queen Elizabeth:  55 – 65.  Stately sovereign who brooks no nonsense, but who loves being entertained by the players, especially when there is a dog involved.

Lord Wessex:  30 – 45.  Snobbish, condescending nobleman who wants to marry Viola for her family’s wealth.

Burbage:  35 – 55.  The owner and leading player of the Curtain Theatre/Chamberlain’s Men, rivals to Henslowe’s & Ned’s theatre/players.  A “man of parts” even though he is an actor.

Tilney:  35 – 55.  Pompous Lord Chamberlain & Master of the Revels.  Wants to close down the theatres.  Much like Malvolio in “Twelfth Night”.  

Wabash:  30 – 60.  Henslowe’s tailor and wannabe actor.  Has a stammer until he gets in front of an audience, when he suddenly shows a wonderful stage voice.

Sam:  Late teens – early 20s.  Actor in the Admiral’s Men.  Plays the female ingénue roles in their plays.  Must be able to do a light, feminine voice, until his voice starts to change.  Also, must be comfortable being kissed by Will while rehearsing “Romeo & Juliet”

Webster:  Early to mid-teens.  Street wise youngster who wants to act and who especially loves the gory parts of the plays of that time.

Ensemble:  Late teens to 60’s.  Up to 12 men and 8 women.  All play a number of roles.  Many speaking parts.  Many of the men also act in scenes from “Romeo & Juliet”.  4 or 5 strong singers, both male & female, needed.  Male & female dancers, at least 2 of each, needed.

Audition sides:
Wabash Romeo Juliet           Will Marlowe             Will Henslowe          Viola Nurse           Will Viola Nurse            Will Viola Boatman               Will Viola          Will Viola as Romeo Juliet             Marlowe Burbage Will              Queen et al 1          Queen et al 2         Nurse Wessex       Henslowe Fennyman 1              Henslowe Fennyman 2                 Fennyman Will Viola            Burbage Will            Burbage          Ned Allyn et al 1 Ned Allyn et al 2         Ned Allyn et al 3         Tilney          Tilney Will et al           Tilney et al         Wessex deLesseps       Wessex Viola 1        Wessex Viola 2         Sam as Juliet          Sam et al          Webster Will        Webster Queen              Wabash Henslowe