Director:  Debra Lee Failla
Written by Paul Rudnick

Auditions: March 4 & 5  7pm to approximately 9pm
Rehearsals begin March 18


May 2 – 19, 2019 (no performance Saturday, May 18 due to annual gala.)
In The Dressing Room Theatre.

Character breakdown:

ANDREW RALLY (late 20s/early 30s): A popular TV star whose series has just been cancelled. He has reluctantly moved into John Barrymore’s apartment and agreed to take on the role of Hamlet for a Shakespeare in the Park production, even though he has no interest. Charming, talented and in mid-career crisis.

JOHN BARRYMORE (30s-50s): The ghost of the famous larger-than-life actor whose mission is to convince Andrew to play Hamlet. He is a gleeful, grandiose, lusty, witty, and wise Shakespearean actor; a larger-than-life persona yet still a profoundly true encapsulation of the theater, but not without his demons.   

DEIRDRE MCDAVEY (mid 20s/early 30s): Andrew’s naive girlfriend from a privileged background, a hopeless romantic, and the cause of Andrew’s sexual frustration. She is overjoyed that her boyfriend is going to play Hamlet, much more than he is.

FELICIA DANTINE (30s-50s): Andrew’s real estate broker, who is fascinated with the world of theatre and claims to have a sense of the supernatural. Ability to do a New York accent is a plus, but not required.

GARY PETER LEFKOWITZ (30s): A crass, calculating, hot-shot LA TV writer/producer/director with no true appreciation for theatre, especially Shakespeare. He tries to entice Andrew with the promise of a new starring role in a sitcom.

LILLIAN TROY (70s): Andrew’s crusty, chain-smoking agent, who has had a history with John Barrymore. She is frank with a dry sense of humor. Ability to do a German accent is a plus.


Gary Andrew       Felicia Andrew       Deirdre Andrew        Barrymore Andrew      Barrymore Lillian

Updated 2/7/19