Boeing, Boeing

Written by Marc Camoletti
Directed by Stephen Emerick

Auditions: December 17 & 18 7pm to approximately 9pm
Rehearsals begin January 14. 


February 28, 2019–March 17, 2019  (with a possible one week extension).
In The Dressing Room Theatre.

Boeing, Boeing is a classic farce written by the French playwright Marc Camoletti. The English language adaptation was first staged in London at the Apollo Theatre in 1962 and ran for a total of seven years. In 1991, the play was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most performed French play throughout the world. Set in the 1960s, bachelor Bernard couldn’t be happier: a flat in Paris and three attractive stewardesses all engaged to him without knowing about each other. But Bernard’s life gets bumpy when his friend Robert comes to stay, and a new, speedier Boeing jet disrupts his careful planning. Soon all three stewardesses are in the city simultaneously, timid Robert forgets which lies to tell to whom, and catastrophe looms.


The ages listed are the ages you can play on stage.

Bernard:  26-49 A successful American architect, living in Paris; handsome, well-educated, charming; engaged to three air hostesses whom he manages to keep in the dark about one another by managing their visits on a strict timetable; takes boyish pleasure in the success of his devious doings, until his careful planning starts to fall apart, deflating his confidence.

Berthe: 40-69  French; Bernard’s long-time live-in maid and cook; although devoted to Bernard, she is wearying of keeping up with Bernard’s revolving-door lifestyle, and by play’s end she has been pushed as far as she will go; dry and fantastically sarcastic; never afraid to say what’s on her mind; French accent.

Robert: 26-49  Bernard’s schoolmate from back in the States; hasn’t seen Bernard in close to 20 years; shy, small-town, midwestern, and sweet—somewhat of a nerd by today’s standards; views Bernard’s whirlwind juggling act of three fiancés with awe and admiration–until he gets wrapped up in it himself and his anxiety spins out of control.

Gloria 26-39  Bernard’s American fiancé; air hostess for TWA; epitome of a go-getter American woman; has a vigorous appetite for food and love; completely adorable and supremely confident, but she might punch you if you dared call her “cute”; Southern accent.

Gretchen  26-39  Bernard’s German fiancé; air hostess for Lufthansa; has an intense Teutonic passion that can spin on a dime—one moment she might be soft and cuddly, and the next barking out orders and breaking furniture; inspires equal amounts of lust and fear in those around her; German accent.

Gabriella   26-39  Bernard’s Italian fiancé; air hostess for Alitalia; sultry and full of fire, she is much smarter and more self-reliant than she first appears; Italian accent.

Bertha, Bernard, Gretchen, Robert       Robert, Bernard      Gloria, Robert       Gloria, RObert, Bertha       Gabriella, Bernard                   Gretchen, Robert, Bernard        Robert, Bernard (2)      Gretchen Robert      Gretchen Robert, Bertha         Bertha, Robert