Written by Steve Martin  Director: Lynne Colatrella

Auditions August 26 & 27 – 7pm to approximately 9pm
Performances: November 1 through 17.
(Plus one week hold for potential extension through November 24.)

(Male 25-35)-  A bully and a fireplug. Runs a tight ship & rules his home with an iron fist . A blow hard who is so busy preaching about how he thinks things ought to be that he is blind to the needs of others.[LOUISE MASKE]
(Female 25-35)-  Theo’s young wife. Very pretty, sensual, smart, and sexy. As she emerges from her shell she is thrilled to discover she has a brain and a libido.

(Female 45-70)  The Maske’s nosy upstairs neighbor. A delightfully naughty schemer. A total voyeur, and busy body; she lives her own sexual desires vicariously through her younger neighbor.

(Male Late 20’s- 60)   One of the Maske’s tenants (inspired to rent after seeing Louise’s underpants fall down). A suave, charming, elegant gentleman. A poet and a romantic who is utterly enraptured/inspired by Louise.

(Male Late 20’s-60)  One of the Maske’s tenants (also inspired to rent after seeing Louise’s underpants fall down). A nebbish barber. Sickly, prickly, asthmatic, capable of talking one’s ear off with his litany of complaints and ailments. Jealous of Versati’s looks and charm, he is determined to prevent Louise’s affair with the poet.

(Male Late 40’s-70s) An elderly man. A bewildering and beffudled scientist.

Playwright: Joseph Robinette
Lyrics: Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
Composers: Justin Paul, Benj Pasek

Director: Ben Frimmer
Music Director: Greg Chrzczon
Choreographer: Caitlin Roberts

Auditions September 3 and 4 – 7pm to approximately 9pm
Performances: November 15 through 14.
(Plus one week hold for potential extension through December 21.)


JEAN SHEPHERD/NARRATOR (leading role): 45 to 60. A charismatic storyteller with a dynamic speaking voice, who can draw an audience in to the world of the play. Radio personality. He (like his younger self) has a twinkle in his eye. An actor with presence and spark. A good-natured curmudgeon. Midwestern. Non-singing role

THE OLD MAN (leading role): Late 30s-40s. He has a good heart, but it is buried under a rough exterior. He’s not the perfect father by any means – he is happiest when he’s tinkering in the basement. He usually expects the worst, but is secretly a dreamer. A devoted husband/father, who loves his family but does not feel the need to show it. Actor must be comfortable working with kids. (Should be a comfortable mover)
VOICE: high baritone or tenor, must sing to a high G.

MOTHER (leading role): 30s-40s. She is more in charge than she would ever let anyone know. Warm but tough. Strong willed, straight forward, no nonsense, likable, midwestern – a kind of every-mom.
VOICE: contemporary mezzo with a strong mix, sings low G to high Db.

RALPHIE (leading role): 9-12 (to play 9, going on 10) A regular kid – cute but not overly handsome, not precious. He wouldn’t be lost in a crowd, but he wouldn’t stand out either. Bright, but not precocious; the boy next door. Ralphie above all is a dreamer. Seeking a young boy who is comfortable and honest on stage. Must be an excellent singer and able to carry a show.
VOICE: Boy’s unchanged voice. High belter, low F# to high D.

RANDY (leading role): 8-9. Ralphie’s younger brother. Can be a bit awkward and offbeat; admires his big brother, Ralphie, but won’t admit it. Seeking a young boy who is comfortable and honest on stage. Cute, cuddly & whiney but not a brat.
VOICE: Boy’s unchanged voice. High belter, low F# to high C#.

MISS SHIELDS (featured role): Mid 20’s – 40’s. She is Ralphie’s elementary school teacher. Perhaps a little boring looking at first – ah but underneath! Great with comedy. An actress with a flexible voice who is comfortable singing both legit and contemporary Broadway. Great mover and comfortable with tap.
VOICE: Fierce belter and vocal stylist.

SCUT FARCUS (featured role): 12-14. The classic bully; tough, perhaps taller than the other kids; there’s nothing about him you want to like. He’s that kid you always made sure to avoid in school. Gruff character voice.

GROVER DILL (featured role): 12 – 14. Scut’s right hand man! The classic no-nonsense sidekick.

SANTA (featured role): Male, Tenor 30s to 60s, ill-tempered, inebriated, unhappy with his job. (Should be a comfortable mover.)

Children’s Ensemble: (children should be ages 8 through 14 and under 5 ft. tall) To fill the following roles: Schwartz, Flick, Esther Jane, Mary Beth, Nancy, Goggles Kid, Waiter’s Daughter, Kid Ensemble
All children need to sing, dancing a plus (tap a double plus)

Adult Ensemble:
To fill the following roles: Elves, Delivery Men, Townspeople, Prairie Ensemble, Villain, Bank robbers, Escaped Prisoner, Mrs. Schwartz, Flick’s Mom, Nancy’s Mother, Bartender, Policeman, Fireman, Doctor, Nurse, Waiter
All adults need to sing and be comfortable with some dancing. Strong dancers also needed.