Book by James Lapine
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Director – Tom Coppola
Music Director – George Croom

Auditions: November 29 & 30 – The Kweskin Theatre – 7pm to about 10pm.
Rehearsals begin December 6 – generally Monday thru Thursday evenings, 7pm to 10pm; Sunday rehearsals TBA.

ALL ROLES OPEN / nonunion performers only
Those auditioning should prepare a brief song ( :30 to :60) in the style of the show. Please bring sheet music in the correct key.

James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim take everyone’s favorite storybook characters and bring them together for a timeless, yet relevant, piece… and a rare modern classic. The Tony Award-winning book and score are both enchanting and touching. The story follows a Baker and his wife, who wish to have a child; Cinderella, who wishes to attend the King’s Festival; and Jack, who wishes his cow would give milk. When the Baker and his wife learn that they cannot have a child because of a Witch’s curse, the two set off on a journey to break the curse. Everyone’s wish is granted, but the consequences of their actions return to haunt them later with disastrous results.

The Witch
– Female identifying, age 35-55, Mezzo-Soprano (F3-G5)
After losing her mother’s magic beans, she is cursed with ugliness, and longs to return to a life of youth and beauty. Distrusting of the world and of people in general, and tries to keep Rapunzel sheltered from it. Intimidating with underlying vulnerability.

The Baker – Male identifying, age 25-45, Baritone (A Flat 2-G4)
Harried and insecure. Cursed with infertility. Relies on his wife a great deal. Grew up without a father, and therefore can’t grasp the reality of being a man. A bit timid, but caring, and will do anything to have a child.

The Baker’s Wife – Female identifying, age 25-45, Mezzo-soprano (F3-G5)
Hard-worker, strong sense of self, moving through the redundancies of her comfortable life. Wishes for a child. She loves her husband, and determined to help to lift the curse at any cost so they can conceive. Works through a moral dilemma in Act II. 

Cinderella – Female identifying, age 20-30, Soprano (G3-G5)
A young maiden. Wishes to escape the mistreatment of her stepmother’s home, and attend the Prince’s ball, but she ends up realizing it’s not what she thought it would be. Earnest, and full of heart.

Red Riding Hood – Female identifying, must play 15-20, Alto/Mezzo-Soprano: (B flat 3-F5)
A sassy, spoiled young girl who is strong-willed, quick-witted, fearless, yet youthful and naive. She moves from youth and innocence into adulthood and responsibility through an adventurous and scary path. 

JackMale identifying, must play 15-20, Tenor (B2-G4)
A dreamer who is ‘almost a man.’ It’s not until he trades the cow for magic beans that his gigantic adventures begin. His quest up a beanstalk sends him on a journey of growing up and learning to accept consequences. Foolhardy, adventurous, naive, and bright-eyed.

Cinderella’s Prince – Male identifying, age 25-35, Bass-Baritone (B2-F4)
Thinks highly of himself. Though charming, handsome, and seemingly perfect, he thinks his royal birth entitles him to take anything, and anyone, he wants. (Please see note below regarding casting of the Wolf)

The NarratorMale identifying, age 45+, Baritone (G2-E4)Directly addresses the audience to walk them through the stories and describe the action. Educated, slightly stuffy, engaging with a sense of humor. **This role will not double as the Mysterious Man.**

 Jack’s Mother – Female identifying, age 45-60, Soprano (B flat 3-F5)
A protective and strict single mother, often annoyed with her son’s naiveté, and concerned with how they are going to survive. Independent, bold, strong-willed and quick to speak her mind. Strong character actress.

Mysterious ManMale identifying, age 50-65, Baritone (G2-E Flat 4)
A wanderer who keeps popping up in the woods, full of riddles and a secret. He can’t stand to face the guilt from all the pain he has caused, and wishes to make amends. **This role will not double as the Narrator.**

Rapunzel – Female identifying, age 20-30, Soprano (B3-A5)
A loopy-but lovely maiden and long-lost sister of the Baker. Sheltered by the Witch in a tower, she wishes for the chance to live outside of her confinements. Once she escapes, her lack of human contact or knowledge of the world proves to be a challenge, and she struggles to maintain her sanity.

Rapunzel’s Prince Male identifying, age 20-30, Bass-Baritone (C Sharp 3–E4)
Attractive and pompous like his brother (Cinderella’s Prince). Dashing and regal. He tries his best to help when Rapunzel starts to lose her grip on reality, but becomes impatient and seeks affections elsewhere. (Please see note below regarding casting of the Wolf)

Cinderella’s Stepmother – Female identifying, age 40-60, Mezzo-soprano (A3-F Sharp 5)
The mean-spirited, and cruel stepmother of Cinderella, and mother to Lucinda and Florinda. Wants nothing more than to be rich and powerful. She is focused on marrying off Lucinda or Florinda to the Prince, and puts her needs before anyone else’s .

Lucinda and Florinda Female identifying, age 18-30, Mezzo-sopranos (C4-A Flat 5)
Cinderella’s stepsisters. Vile and black of heart. Flighty, spoiled and demanding. They find joy in abusing Cinderella.

Cinderella’s Mother – Female identifying, age 45-60, Vocal Range: G3-A Flat 5.
Deceased. Nurturing and gentle, she appears in times of trouble to guide Cinderella and help fulfill her wishes.  **This role will double as Granny and the Voice of the Giant.**

StewardMale identifying, age 30-50, Any vocal range (ensemble singing)
A self-important servant to the royal family who does whatever he has to in order to solve a problem. Strong character actor.

Granny – Female, age 45-60
Sharp, feisty, and vindictive towards the Wolf. **This role will double as Cinderella’s Mother and the Voice of the Giant.**

Cinderella’s Father – Male identifying, age 50+, Any vocal range (ensemble singing) A push-over and an alcoholic.

NOTE: The role of the Wolf will be cast at the discretion of the directing team from the actor playing either Cinderella’s Prince or Rapunzel’s Prince.

Wolf Little Red p 27-28           Mysterious Man Jack p 26 – 27     
Steward Baker Bakers Wife Cinderella’s Prince Mysterious Man Jack’s Mother89-91
Jack Little Red p 84-85      
Step. Lucinda Florinda Steward Witch Little Red Baker Baker’s Wife
Cinderella Prince p 172-174           Witch Rapunzel p126
Stepmother Baker’s WIfe Lucinda Florinda Myst. Man Jack’s Mother p89-91
Cinderella Prince Rapunzel Prince p 62-63
Granny Little Red p 43          Baker Baker’s Wife Jack p 33-35



Written by Marc Camoletti
Director – John Atkin

AUDITION DATES: December 13 & 14
7pm to approximately 9pm.

A comedy of errors, deceptions and misunderstandings, Happy Birthday takes place in the late 1960s, in a little country cottage where the feckless Bernard has invited his mistress to stay for the night – with his wife still in the house.  Bernard is convinced that with the reluctant help of his best friend he can pull the wool over his wife’s eyes, but she’s busy trying to trick him, as she is having an affair with Bernard’s best friend.

Performances in The Dressing Room Theatre March 3 through 13, ( or later) based on demand.


CHARACTERS   3-female; 2-male – casting open to all ethnicities

Jacqueline (F, 30-55) – Refined, frustrated, in love with Robert despite being married to Bernard

Robert (M, 30-55) – Successful, reluctant to get involved in Bernard’s schemes, but who’s having an affair with Jacqueline

Bernard (M, 30-55) – Gregarious, sly, foolhardy, is having an affair with Bridget 2

Brigit 1 (F, 25-40) – Down to Earth, outgoing, the housekeeper for the weekend who’s not afraid to put the screws to somebody when it’s needed

Brigit 2 (F, 25-40) – Snobbish model who is not useful in the kitchen

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