April 16, 2010–May 2, 2010

Dressing Room Theatre

The Graduate

Directed by Rich Mancini

Mrs. Robinson - Carol Shwidock
Mr. Robinson - Manny Lieberman
Elaine Robinson - Sarah Smegal
Benjamin Braddock - Gregory Barone
Mr. Braddock - Larry Zeug
Mrs. Braddock - Deborah Burke
Bartender / Psychiatrist / Priest/ Hotel Clerk - Alex Weston
Stripper - Erica Evelti

A hit on the West End and a popular show on Broadway, The Graduate brings the quintessential movie sensation of the 1960s and one of the most popular films of all times to life on stage. The Graduate is the story of Ben — whose future looks bright to everyone but him. When he returns home after college graduation, he finds that his parents now expect great things from him. At his homecoming party, Mrs. Robinson – the wife of his father’s business partner- seduces Ben, which leads to an affair between the two. The affair eventually ends, but comes back to haunt Ben as he finds himself falling for Elaine, Mrs. Robinson’s daughter. “And here’s to you Mrs. Robinson”…