November 18, 2022–December 17, 2022

Kweskin Theatre

Our 32nd Season


SHE LOVES ME - THE KWESKIN THEATRE                                    
November 18 thru December 17

Director - Gordon Casagrande
Music Director - Peter Randazzo
Choreographer - Karen Casagrande

A romantic, witty and effervescent musical comedy by the creators of Fiddler on the Roof. In a charming 1930s European perfumery, two salesclerks spar endlessly, saving their sweetest words for an anonymous pen pal. Unbeknownst to them, however, their “dear friend” happens to be each other in a joyful, transcendent, and perfectly crafted escapade featuring the treasured songs “Vanilla Ice Cream,” “A Trip to the Library” and the irrepressible title song. “A lingering and deeply satisfying sweetness… for those moments when you sense a song in your heart.” – THE NEW YORK TIMES  In this romantic musical comedy of mistaken identity, there is no love lost between Amalia and Georg, two perfume clerks who can’t seem to find common ground. Then Georg realizes they’ve been one another’s anonymous pen pals, kicking off a new quest to win her heart. This euphoric comedy with a soaring musical score, puts the working class front and center—allowing their lives to be the focus—with all the joy (and anxiety!) that falling in love can bring.