March 8–25, 2018

Dressing Room Theatre

Our 27th Season


Written by Albert Pia
Directed by Carole Claps
Production Design by Peter Barbieri, Jr.

Before there was "Moonstruck" or "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", there was MULBERRY STREET! Come celebrate Italian-style with The Morello and Baccolini families on New York's Mulberry Street, "Little Italy" in 1937. And you don't have to be Italian to enjoy this wonderfully funny Stamford classic. The story revolves around an immigrant family, living in a basement apartment on Mulberry Street, Little Italy, New York,  and features a son, trying to woo a “Park Avenue” girl, a daughter looking for a husband, a bunch of crazy neighbors and a mother & father trying to hold it all together in their own dysfunctional way! Full of laughs and a few poignant moments as well, MULBERRY STREET is great for the whole family.

This is the original play that has been presented in Stamford hundreds of times since 1939. The characters in our very popular MERRY MULBERRY STREET MUSICAL were first introduced in MULBERRY STREET. Think Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton (of The Honeymooners)…that’s the nature of  the relationship between Piccino Morello and Angelo Baccolini - the two fathers in MULBERRY STREET.