September 14–30, 2007

Dressing Room Theatre

The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap

Directed by Joel Fenster
“The MouseTrap” - written by Agatha Christie, performed in The Dressing Room Theatre September 14th – 30th, 2007

The story is about a young couple, Mollie and Giles Ralston, who have started up a new hotel in the converted Monkswell Manor. They are snowed in together with four guests and an additional traveler, who ran his car into a snowdrift. Detective Sergeant Trotter arrives on skis to inform the group that he believes a murderer is on his way to the hotel, following the death of Miss Maureen Lyon in London. When one of the guests is killed, they realize that the murderer is already there. Although the suspicion falls first on Christopher Wren, an erratic young man who fits the description of the supposed murderer, it quickly transpires that the killer could be any one of the guests, or even the hosts themselves.

(in order of appearance)

Mollie Ralston – Rasha Hamilton

Clark Giles Ralston – Stephen Tubbs

Christopher Wren – Mario Fuentes

Mrs. Boyle – Marcia Cummings Vinci

Major Metcalf – John Pyron

Miss Casewell - Alicia Dupuis

Mr. Paravicini – Dexter Anderson

Sergeant Trotter – Rob Nichols
Production Team:

Producer – Lou Ursone

Director – Joel Fenster

Production Design – Peter Barbieri, Jr.

Stage Manager – Kevin Tangey

Costume Design – Amber Gordon

Radio Broadcasts – Ray Stephens

Assistant Stage Manager – Samantha Vinci

Light Board Operator – Patrick Cahill

Portrait of Dame Agatha Christie by Fred Scharmer

Special Thanks to: JCB Interiors – East Main Street, Stamford for furniture on loan.