Elderly sisters Abby and Martha Brewster are sweeter than their homemade elderberry wine. But all isn’t as prim and proper as it seems. There’s a whole lineup of family skeletons in the basement and the sweet red wine is laced with strychnine. The Brewster family has all gone insane, and the spinsters’ nephew, Mortimer, must save them all from themselves. The play — written by Joseph Kesselring in 1939 and made famous by the 1941 film starring Cary Grant — parades out the eccentricities and murderous antics of elderly sisters. When Mortimer comes home to announce his recent engagement, he stumbles onto a basement full of his aunt’s dark-but-well-meant deeds, and drives himself nearly batty trying to cover up the crimes and save his loopy aunts and two insane brothers from the “big house.”