Winter 2021 Classes

(November 17, 2020)

Registration for our Fall 2020 session is now closed and we are looking ahead to Winter 2021. As of now, Curtain Call is planning for both in-person and online classes, and our winter session is tentaively scheduled to begin the week of January 25, 2021. Details and registration will be available the first week of December.

In-person classes would take place on limited days of the week (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) in accordance with a strict cleaning and sanitizing schedule and the safety and health guidelines listed below. Online classes will take place Mondays and Tuesdays.

Curtain Call, Inc. Safety Protocols (Related to COVID-19)

Employees and students who feel sick or have been exposed to anyone feeling sick need to STAY HOME.

Teachers and students who have traveled to (or been in contact with anyone who has traveled to) states experiencing high rates of coronavirus, should quarantine for two weeks before returning to class.

Temperature screenings will take place for all staff and students entering our buildings. Any student or staff member with a temperature above 100.4 degrees will be sent home.

Curtain Call staff, students and parents, guardians or sitters dropping off or picking up students, must wear a mask while inside the Curtain Call buildings.

Students and parents, guardians, sitters dropping off students need to wait outside the theatre complex until five minutes prior to the start of class. No student will be permitted inside the theatre buildings until five minutes prior to the start time. Parents, guardians and sitters may drop off students at the front door of the theatre buildings but will not be permitted inside any of the buildings or into the classrooms. (For young students who may be shy, apprehensive or nervous about attending class for the first time, we recommend a thorough conversation take place about the class ahead of time. Please contact our Education Director with any questions or to discuss class expectations with students in further detail if needed.)

Parents, guardians and sitters will not be permitted to wait inside the lobbies or any of the theatre buildings during class times.

Students will be escorted from the lobby to our classroom spaces at drop-off. They will also be escorted back from their classroom for dismissal. Parents, guardians and sitters must be on time for dismissal. If there are any emergencies that arise preventing you from reaching the theatre on time for dismissal, please contact our Education Director directly at or 203-329-8207.

Classes will have access to the outdoor stage on the property during daylight hours and if weather permits.

Our classes have been scheduled fifteen minutes apart to avoid any overlap between student arrivals and dismissals.

Class sizes will be limited to no more than eight students.

Hand sanitizing stations can be found in the entrance area of each of our theatre buildings and in all classroom spaces.

Each class space will be marked out with social distancing squares. Acting and dance students will be spaced six feet apart. Vocal students will be spaced fifteen feet apart.

All students should bring their own water bottles to class. Curtain Call, Inc. will not provide water for students and our water fountains will be off limits.

No snacks will be allowed during class time. Children who need to eat something before class should do so prior to entering the theatre buildings.

Dance students are asked to arrive dressed and ready for class. No changing will be allowed inside the theatre facilities (except for dance shoes).

Bathroom breaks will not be scheduled. Any student who must use our restrooms for emergency purposes may notify the teacher and restrooms should be occupied by one student at a time. Restrooms are available within or very nearby our classroom spaces, not just in the theatre lobbies.

Classroom spaces, restrooms and common areas will be sanitized regularly, but we still recommend that students and staff continue to wash their hands before and after class and make use of our hand sanitizing stations.

Should local health conditions change, or government shutdowns be put in place, we will continue our educational programs virtually.

For questions, you may contact our Education Director, Brian Bianco at

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