September 30, 2005–October 16, 2005

Dressing Room Theatre

The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie

Directed by David Wilson

THE GLASS MENAGERIE – Dressing Room Theatre
One of the most produced plays in the country starts with the Wingfield family eating dinner. Mother Amanda tells her story of 17 gentleman callers. The next day, Amanda sits with Laura and asks her about a boy she liked. Laura points out Jim in the yearbook. Later, her brother Tom says he cannot stand working for the family like he does and leaves to the movies. The next morning, Amanda asks him to bring home a gentleman caller for Laura. At night, Tom arrives with Jim and leaves Laura alone with Jim. They talk for a while, and Jim kisses Laura. He tells her that he is already engaged, and Laura is devastated. Amanda is angry with Tom for not telling them that Jim was engaged, but Tom insists that he did not know. Tom leaves never to return. This incredibly dramatic piece is pure American gold. September 30 - October 16


Production Team:

Production Team:

Producer - Lou Ursone

Director - David Wilson

Production Design - Peter Barbieri, Jr.

Stage Nanager - Kathy Conway

Costumer - Helen Adams

Assistant Satge Manager - Missy Furth

Lighting Board Operator - Alex Hajar

Sound Board Operator - Nicole Viesta

Props - Missy Firth, Pat McCoy

Master Carpenter - Jim Caporizo

Cast (alabetical order)
Names in red denote Curtain Call debut.

HELEN ADAMS - Amanda Wingfield

ELIZABETH DeSANTIS - Laura Wingfield

EDDIE FURTH - Tom Wingfield

JEREMY GARDNER - Jim Kelly, the Gentleman Caller