October 28, 2005–November 26, 2005

Kweskin Theatre


Production Team:

Executive Producer - Lou Ursone

Director - Ben Frimmer

Choreographer - Norma Stella

Set Design - Peter Barbieri, Jr.

Costume Design - Connie Guggenheim

Stage Manager - Gail Yudain

Lighting Design - Christopher Chambers

Dialect Coach - Barrie Spelling

Costume Assistant - Michele Pasqua

Lighting Assistant - Josh Perlman

Assistant Satge Manager - Jan Ursone

Master carpenters - Daniel John Kelly, Jim Caporizo

Sound Board Operators - Tom DeSalvo, Johnathan Wu

Properties Team & Building Crew: Elliott Arluck, Bene Cordaro, Cathy Cardaro, Robin Froly, Frank Gaffney, Lucas Genovese, Bruce Hill, Andy Hirtenstein, Doug Johnston, Jenny Johnstone, Larry Keller, Kari Ann Lawrence, Richard Levitt, Deanna Longo, Michael Longo, Tony Longo, Joey Lucherini, Brent McKinley, Adelaide Meny, Darin Meny, Gerald O'Conner, Howard Ross, Bert Stella, Johnathan Wu, Kathy Klingenstein, Marilyn Oestreicher, Brad Shwidock, Carol Shwidock, Zoe Shwidock, William Squier, Marialise Valendra, Ted Yudain

Program & Cover Design - Ruth Berliner

“Please sir, I want some more.” Oliver’s innocent request lands him in trouble with the workhouse Matron and the Beadle and sets him on his famous adventure where he meets Artful Dodger and the rest of Fagin’s Gang. ‘Food glorious Food’ and ‘Where is Love’ are just two of the popular songs from Lionel Bart’s lively musical based on Charles Dicken’s Oliver Twist.


(in order of appearance )

Mr. Bumble - Richard Levitt

Oliver twist - Collin Shay

Widow Corney - Janis Chapin

Workhouse Assistant - Luke Hill, Brendon Dradley

Mr. Sowerberry - Brad Shwidock

Mrs. Sowerberry - Carol Shwidock

Charlotte - Jenny Johnston

Noah Claypole - Cameron Nadler

Artful Dodger - Eamon Foley

Fagin - Ted Yudain

Charley Bates - Travis Stella

Nancy - Kari Ann Lawrence, Amy Oestreicher

Bet - Katie Hill

Old Annie - Cathy Cordaro

Old Sally - Pat McCoy

Bill Sykes - Artie Walker

Chairman - Mark Oestreicher

Mrs. Bedwin - Kathleen Bernadette

Street Criers - Jenny Johnston, Tony Longo, Carol Shwidock,

Luke Hill, Cameron Nadler, Amy Oestreicher,

and Kari Ann Lawrence

Mr. Brownlow - Jonathan Cahr

Dr. Grimwig - Andres Herzegovitch

Bown Street Runners - Frank Beck, Andy Hirtenstein, Tony Longo

Governess - Elizabeth Meny

Charge - Adelaide Meny

Second Runner: Darin Meny

Orphans: Geoffrey Cahr, Madison Coppola, Lexa Elaides, Brendon George, Eric Keller, Daniel Klingenstein, Joey Lucherini, Richi Mutalik, Jack O'Conner, Hailey Pedicano, Todd Piskin, Skyler Ross, Travis Stella, Karen Walker, Monika Walker

Fagin's Gang : Katrina Abreu, Brendon Bradley, Alendra Cahr, Geoffery Cahr, Bene Cordaro, Madison Coppola, Lexa Elaides, Brendon George, Luke Hill, eric keller, Daniel Klingstein, Joey Lucherini, Rishi Mutalik, Cameron Nadler, Jack O'Conner,k Hailey Pedicano, Todd Piskin, Skyler Ross, Travis Stella, Karen Walker, Monika Walker