June 4–28, 2009

Dressing Room Theatre

Mulberry Street


Directed by Carole Claps
Written by Albert Pia

The most produced romantic comedy in Stamford's history is back for the month of June!

Before there was "Moonstruck" or "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", there was MULBERRY STREET!

Come celebrate Italian-style with The Morello and Baccalini families on New York's Mulberry Street, "Little Italy" in 1939. And you don't have to be Italian to enjoy this wonderfully funny and oft-times poignant classic.

Playing in The Dressing Room Theatre Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 8PM and Sunday afternoons at 2PM. Doors open one hour before show time for a bring your own everything, cabaret-style evening.

Mulberry Street is very likely the most produced play in the history of the City of Stamford. For 70 years, this comedy about a family of Italian immigrants has entertained hundreds of thousands of area residents in various productions.

Written in 1927 by Nicholas Cosentino, the earliest Stamford production (we know of) was in 1939. Since then, the play has been adapted by former Kweskin Theatre Artistic Director, Albert Pia, (pictured here) and was produced every five years, in various locations throughout Stamford, until finding its home at The Sterling Farms Theatre Complex, in the early 1970’s. One production of it even transferred to an off-off Broadway theatre in the early 1980’s, where it played for a summer.

The story revolves around an immigrant family, living in a basement apartment on Mulberry Street, Little Italy, New York, in the 1930’s and features a son, trying to woo a “Park Avenue” girl, a daughter looking for a husband, a bunch of crazy neighbors and a mother & father trying to hold it all together in their own dysfunctional way! Full of laughs and a few poignant moments as well, Mulberry Street is great for the whole family.

Author Albert Pia on the set of
Piccino Morello - Lou Ursone
Lucia Morello - Janice Pasqua
Angelo Baccolini - Randy Bucknoff
Mrs. Prosperoni - Betty Pia
Tony Spumonzi - Dominic Cundari
Nina Baccolini - Michele Pasqua
Marie Morello - Dana DiCerto
Fillipo Morello - Tom DeSalvo
Carmella Baccolini - Elayne Mordoff
Giovanna Baccolini - Elis Pasqua
Helen Richards - Jackie Buzgo
George Bowman - Joe Efferen

Production Team: