Free reading of a brand new play.

Join us for a one night only reading of LYING TO SPIELBERG at 7PM in The Dressing Room Theatre.  
Written by Stamford author and Broadway veteran (9,500+ performances!): Bill Nabel. Get tickets here:

Inspired by holocaust stories, LYING TO SPIELBERG is a fiction about a holocaust survivor trying to forge an identity. To be normal. To buck the fate he's been dealt. Sometimes we root for him. Sometimes we don't. But it starts when the Steven Spielberg Shoah Foundation calls to film his story and a mysterious young man knocks on his front door claiming to be his son from a one-night stand during the war...Who's lying? Who's telling the truth?

Featuring a professional cast: Joel Leffert (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child); Jessica Vera (Judson Theatre Project); Joey Rotter (First Dance-Chain Theatre) and Emily Solo (Sunset Boulevard-ACT-CT).