May 23, 2011

Dressing Room Theatre

Kris Kringle

Musical Mondays presents a Concert Reading

Music and Lyrics by- Angelo Natalie

Book by- Maria Ciampi and Peter J. Gill

Produced by- Lou Ursone

Music Direction by- Chris Coogan

Directed by- Andrew Wassenich



Santa- Billy Genuario

Garland- Michael Grew

Lodinia- Michelle Hakala

Sky/Tiffany Doll- Jessica Howell

Evelyn Noel- Katie Iacona

Kris Kringle- Tim Kubart

Elmer- Stephen Lukas

Reedy- Michael McCormack

Tinselle/Tiffany Doll- Carrie McCrossen

Mrs. Claus- Mary Stout

Ms. Horn- Lynn Witty