May 7–16, 2021

Kweskin Theatre

Our 30th Season


LIVE DRAWING: A Portrait of the Mona Lisa
By Jules Tasca
Directed by John Atkin

Celine Montaudy
Tyler Small

She is childish. She is mature beyond her years. She is feisty. She is docile. She is clever. She is na•ve. She is a dozen other contradictions. She is the famous Mona Lisa. And her painter, Leonardo, has the obligation to capture as many of the facets of this young woman as he can. Live Drawing is a speculation drama about the three years it took the famous DaVinci to paint his internationally known masterwork. Lisa wants to be immortalized by the most famous artist in Europe. Leonardo has personal reasons to want to keep the portrait for himself rather than release it to Francesco Gioconda, Lisa's husband, who commissioned his wife's painting. We see Leonardo and Lisa argue and debate, but they also bare their souls to each other. Thus, a relationship that commences in enmity between artist and subject concludes in the supreme camaraderie between two friends. The bittersweet ending must come when Leonardo leaves Italy for France to become the king's engineer, separating him from his confidante, Lisa Gioconda.

Social distancing protocols:
Masks required.
Assigned arrival times.
Six feet distance side to side for each party; every other row, front to back.
This 90-minute show will be performed without intermission.
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