October 1–17, 2021

Dressing Room Theatre

Our 31st Season


Written by Susan Sandler
Directed by Carole Claps

Isabelle Grossman.....Sophie Tiesler
Sam Posner.....Paul Tiesler
Bubbie Cantor - Elayne Gordon
Tyler Moss.....Seth Barkan
Hannah Mandelbaum

Come to New York's Lower East Side, visit with Izzy, and sit a spell with her Bubbie (grandmother) in this romantic comedy as Izzy yearns to trade her traditional Jewish upbringing for the slick glamour of Manhattan's literary scene. Learn from Bubbie's old-world wisdom as she encourages Izzy to find real happiness by choosing a nice pickle salesman from the neighborhood over a sophisticated author. Crossing Delancey feels suffused with female energy, putting women’s concerns first, and it’s simultaneously sharp and affectionate.