Friday, 30 January 2015

No appointments are needed.

Just show up and you will be seen in the order you arrive. Of course, if you're asked to stay to read and/or dance, you may be around a while.

If auditioning for a musical, prepare a brief song in the style of the show and have sheet music in the proper key. Also, bring proper footwear to dance in if needed.

For non-musicals, you will be given pre-selected sides from the script.

CALLBACKS: We often don't need to see people at a callback. Sometimes we see all we need to at the initial auditions. Not being called back does not mean you are not being considered for the production.

CASTING: We do our best to be respectful to all who audition by reaching out to those who have not been cast. We ALWAYS ask those cast to keep that information to themselves until we have reached everyone who was not cast - unfortunately, that doesn't always happens and our best efforts at sparing hard feelings are thwarted.

Generally, our rehearsals run Monday thru Thursday evenings from 7pm to 10pm.

Upcoming Auditions
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - Tentative: January 26 & 27, 2015

FOLLIES - Tentative: March 23 & 24, 2015

MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR - Tentative: April 20 & 21, 2015
(Shakespeare on the Green)
Directed by Debra Lee Failla
Choreographed by Kari Sweeney-Efferen
Music Direction by Tony Bellomy

Auditions will be held Sunday and Monday, January 25 & 26.
7:00pm both nights, in The Kweskin Theatre.

Callbacks, if required, will be Wednesday January 28th.
Performances will be April 3rd through May 2nd, 2015. 

All ethnicities are encouraged to audition.  All roles are available.
Non-union / no pay.

THOSE planning on audition for the roles of JESUS and JUDAS - We are requesting that you prepare to sing the following selection(s):

For Jesus: "Gethsemane" - section from "Why I should die? Would I be more noticed than I ever was before" thru "See how I die. See how I die!". In the score it is pages 175 thru 181. Please sing the alternative notes written in the PDF.  

For Judas: "Judas' Death" - from "Christ I know you can't hear me, but I always did what you wanted me to" thru "Does he love, does he love me too? Does he care for me? Ah!" In the score it is pages 236 - 241. Please note at letter "D" we would like this sung down the octave and not up in falsetto.  

PDF's of these sections are available and can be requested by emailing

All other auditionees should bring sheet music in the appropriate key All others should prepare 32 bars of a contemporary musical theatre or pop/rock/folk song in the style of the show. Accompanist will be provided. Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear
for the dance portion of the audition.

***This is rock opera -- Your audition song should highlight your acting ability as well as your vocal ability. You will need to act the song and tell your story, not just stand and sing well.***

Please note some featured actors may also be asked to be part of the ensemble.

Superstar Cast Breakdown

Jesus : Male, 20 - 39 - as much a pop culture idol as a religious leader. Driven, charismatic, sincere, has a greater understanding of the dangers and matters at hand than any of his followers. Rock tenor.  

Judas: Male,  20-39 - Jesus’ strategic confidante. Dedicated, passionate, conflicted, unshakably practical, torn between an aggressive sense of self-preservation and the ideals of Jesus’ religious movement; rock tenor.

Mary Magdalene: Female,  18-30 - struggles with aligning her worldly past with Jesus’ message. Hopeful, steadfast, fragile, sweet with an edge; folk mezzo.

Pontius Pilate: Male,  30+ - Roman Governor of Judea. Calculated, thoughtful, adept at handling pressure, not quick to use the gravity of his power; rock baritenor. 

Caiphas: Male, 30+ - High Priest of the Pharisees. He grows increasingly disturbed by the following that Jesus attractsand sees this as a threat to the harmony of his beloved nation. Severe and strategic; Bass.

Annas: Male, 30+ A scheming colleague of Caiaphas. He’d stir the pot and endanger people’s lives just to see what happens. Countertenor

Simon: Male,  20-39 - particularly enthusiastic supporter of the anarchist aspect of Jesus’ mission, reckless, extreme, ready for an uprising; rock tenor.

Herod: Male,  30-59 - King of Galilee responsible for determining the fate of its Jewish captives. Corrupt, condescending, decadent, charming with a sneer; Baritenor.

Peter: Male,  20-30 - Jesus’ apostle; more grounded than Judas or Simon; he’d be Jesus’ go-to guy if Judas and Mary didn’t have all his attention; baritone.

Ensemble Members: Males & Females, ages 16+ - must be singers who are at home in pop/rock styling. The ensemble covers key roles as disciples, venders, mob, Roman guards.

We are also looking for featured dancers for the production.

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