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No appointments are needed.

Just show up and you will be seen in the order you arrive. Of course, if you're asked to stay to read and/or dance, you may be around a while.

If auditioning for a musical, prepare a brief song in the style of the show and have sheet music in the proper key. Also, bring proper footwear to dance in if needed.

For non-musicals, you will be given pre-selected sides from the script.

CALLBACKS: We often don't need to see people at a callback. Sometimes we see all we need to at the initial auditions. Not being called back does not mean you are not being considered for the production.

CASTING: We do our best to be respectful to all who audition by reaching out to those who have not been cast. We ALWAYS ask those cast to keep that information to themselves until we have reached everyone who was not cast - unfortunately, that doesn't always happens and our best efforts at sparing hard feelings are thwarted.

Generally, our rehearsals run Monday thru Thursday evenings from 7pm to 10pm.

Upcoming Auditions

MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS - September 8 & 9

BEAU JEST - October 27 & 28

MAN OF LA MANCHA - November 17 & 18

ALL MY SONS - December 15 & 16
Sherlock Holmes & The Adventures of The Suicide CLub

Directed by Rich Mancini
Written by Jeffrey Hatcher
Auditions will be held August 18 & 19, 2014 - 7pm each night. 
Rehearsal begins September 3.

Performs October 23 thru November 15 in The Dressing Room Theatre, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00pm and Sunday afternoons at 2:00pm.

Roles include:

Character breakdown (please note, all ages are merely suggestions and subject to the director's interpretation, and some actors may play more than one role):

· Sherlock Holmes: The famous English detective who is sharp & deliberate. Male. Late 30's thru 50s

· Dr Watson: Man Friday to Sherlock Holmes. Slow to catch on albeit fiercely loyal. Male. Late 40's/50's.

· Prince Nikita Starloff: A young Russian prince. Handsome & regal. Male. Late 20's/30's.

· Christianne De Labegassier: Young French beauty & love interest to the prince. Female. Late 20's/30's.

· Club Secretary: Secretary of The Suicide Club. Charismatic, sauve & sexy. Female. Late 20's/30's.

· Mr. Williams: Member of the Suicide Club. Talkative fellow who can come across almost comical. Male. Late 20's/30's.

· Mr Richards: Member of the Suicide Club. Well groomed English gentleman. Male. Late 40'/50's.

· Mr. George: Member of the Suicide Club. Tall & imposing German. Male. 40's/50's.

· Mr. Henry: Member of the Suicide Club. Frail old man in a wheel chair. Male. Late 60's/70's.

· Mycroft Holmes: Elder brother of Sherlock Holmes & part of British intelligence. Very English. Male. Late 40's/50's.

· Inspector Micklewhite: An English inspector. Male. 20's/30's.

· Mrs Hudson: Landlady of Sherlock's residence. Motherly figure who complains quite a bit. Female. Late 50's/60's.

· Lucy O'Malley: A London streetwalker. Shabby with a medium frame. Female. Late 30's/40's.

· Roundy: A pharmacist. Unassuming and naive. Male/Female. Any age.

· Old Lady: A witness at a crime scene. Pretentious & a bit of a hag. Female 60's/70s.

· AC Crosse: A murder victim. No lines. Male. Any age.

· Magician's Assistant: A beautiful assistant to a magician. Classic getup; no lines. Female. 20's.


Auditions will be held September 8 & 9, 2014 - 7pm each night

Directed by Gail Yudain
Music Direction by Eric K. Johnston
Choreography by Emily Frangipane

Those auditioning should prepare a brief song in the style of the show.
(We may ask you to cut to 16 or 32 bars.)
Please bring sheet music in the proper key.

Also, be prepared to read from the script - time permitting - and to learn a brief dance combination. Be sure to have appropriate footware to move in.

The show plays weekends, November 14 through December 13.
(Some Thursday evening and Saturday matinees also.)

Rehearsals begin September 22.

Casting the following roles: (all ages are approximate)
ALL ROLES ARE OPEN - Non-union actors only.

Esther Smith — lively and attractive daughter, about seventeen
Mrs. Anna Smith — fortyish, good and loving mother
Tootie Smith — bright six-year-old daughter
Rose Smith — beautiful and chic daughter, about eighteen
Katie — the Smiths’ cook and housemaid, Irish and about fifty
Agnes Smith — tomboyish twelve-year-old daughter
John Truitt — handsome, athletic boy next door; about nineteen
Lon Smith — good-looking, nineteen-year-old Princeton freshman
Mr. Alonso Smith — fortyish, father and lawyer
Warren Sheffield — Rose’s suitor, an eligible young man from a rich family
Grandpa Prophater — Mrs. Smith’s father, a Civil War veteran

Eve — Lon’s date at his going-away party
Postman — middle-aged Irish man
Motorman — trolley car driver

Clinton Badger, Peewee Drummond & Sidney Purvis — three awkward, bumbling young men

Trolley Passengers
Assembled Guests at Lon’s party
Ballroom Couples

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Upcoming Auditions
Sherlock Holmes & The Adventures of The Suicide CLub

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