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No appointments are needed.

Just show up and you will be seen in the order you arrive. Of course, if you're asked to stay to read and/or dance, you may be around a while.

If auditioning for a musical, prepare a brief song in the style of the show and have sheet music in the proper key. Also, bring proper footwear to dance in if needed.

For non-musicals, you will be given pre-selected sides from the script.

CALLBACKS: We often don't need to see people at a callback. Sometimes we see all we need to at the initial auditions. Not being called back does not mean you are not being considered for the production.

CASTING: We do our best to be respectful to all who audition by reaching out to those who have not been cast. We ALWAYS ask those cast to keep that information to themselves until we have reached everyone who was not cast - unfortunately, that doesn't always happens and our best efforts at sparing hard feelings are thwarted.

Generally, our rehearsals run Monday thru Thursday evenings from 7pm to 10pm.

Upcoming Auditions

MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR -  April 20 & 21, 2015
(Shakespeare on the Green)

OLIVER - Summer Youth Theatre production
Tentative: May 28 & 30, 2015

The Merry Wives of Windsor
Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Kyle Runestad

Audition dates: April 20 & 21 - 7:00pm each night in The Dressing Room Theatre. Those auditioning should prepare a brief Shakespearean monologue or sonnett - they need not be memorized.

Rehearsals will begin May 4. Performances are July 9 through 18.

Character Descriptions

Sir John Falstaff: (40s-60s) Falstaff is a knight, but he is also a scoundrel and occasionally a thief.  Falstaff is boisterous, lively, cowardly, funny, and mischievous; he is one of Shakespeare's most beloved creations, appearing in several of his plays.  His overly inflated opinion of himself repeatedly gets him into trouble.

Mistress Page: (40s-50s) Wife to Master Page, mother to Anne Page, friend to Mistress Ford. When she and Mistress Ford each receive a seductive letter from Falstaff, they decide to lead him on and ruin him.  A very confident woman, she is offended by Falstaff’s overtures.

Mistress Ford: (40s-50s) Wife to Master Ford, friend to Mistress Page.  Mistress Ford hopes to prove to her husband that she is entirely faithful, so that he will get over his oppressive jealousy.  Confident like Mistress Page, she is more amused by Falstaff’s letter and enjoys the games they play on him. 

Master Page: (40s-50s) Husband to Mistress Page, father to Anne Page. Page is not jealous of his wife, so when he hears about Falstaff's plan, he doesn't think she's likely to find Falstaff interesting.  He is more concerned with finding a husband for his daughter.  Unfortunately he is more concerned with his own wishes instead of hers.

Master Ford: (40s-50s) Husband to Mistress Ford. Ford is very jealous of his wife. When he learns that Falstaff intends to try to seduce his wife, he is sure she will fall for Falstaff and shame him. He decides to assume a disguise, call himself Brooke, and goes to the Garter Inn to find out about Falstaff's plans and his wife's responses.

Anne Page: (late teens-20s) Daughter to Master and Mistress Page. Anne is sought for marriage by an array of idiots, including Caius and Slender. Yet, she prefers Fenton, and tricks her parents by managing to elope with him.

Fenton: (20s-30s) A suitor for Anne Page's hand, Page denies his suit because he fears that Fenton's interest is purely financial, being high-born but poor. Fenton admits he felt this way at first, but once he got to know Anne, he fell in love with her.

Sir Hugh Evans: (40s-60s) Sir Hugh Evans is the local clergyman. He's Welsh, so he speaks in an accent that the other English citizens find very amusing.   He is full of good intentions.

Dr. Caius: (30s-50s) The local doctor. Caius is French.  He hopes to marry Anne Page, and Mistress Page favors him, but Page doesn't, and Anne does not like him.  Is quick to anger and full of energy.  Comic French accent.

Mistress Quickly: (30s-60s) Servant to Dr. Caius. Mistress Quickly is everyone's messenger.  She loves gossip, and will gladly tell people what they want to hear instead of the truth. 

Robert Shallow: (50s-70s) Shallow is a figure of the law, but nevertheless a foolish character of misplaced authority. He urges Slender to try to seduce Anne Page, even speaking for him at times.

Abraham Slender: (20s-30s) Nephew to Shallow. Slender is shy and self-effacing, and always defers to his uncle, who wants him to marry Anne Page.  Slender is not particularly interested in marrying Anne Page, but he is willing to go along with what his uncle has arranged for him.

Peter Simple: (20s-30s) Servant to Slender.

Host of the Garter: (30s-50s) Male or Female. Host of the Garter Inn. Enjoys making fun of Sir Hugh and Dr. Caius.  A very odd individual.

Bardolph: (30s-60s) One of Falstaff's men, Bardolph takes over as the bartender of the Garter Inn in order to pay for Falstaff's entourage's room and board.  A drunk.

Pistol: (20s-40s) One of Falstaff's men, Pistol refuses to deliver Falstaff's seductive letters to Mistress Page and Mistress Ford. Instead, he and Nym decide to let the husbands know of Falstaff's scheme.

Nym: (20s-40s) One of Falstaff's men, Nym refuses to deliver Falstaff's seductive letters to Mistress Page and Mistress Ford. Instead, he and Pistol decide to let the husbands know of Falstaff's scheme.

Robin: (20s) Falstaff's page. 

John Rugby: (20s-30s) Servant to Dr. Caius.

John: (20s-60s) Servant to the Fords

Robert: (20s-60s) Servant to the Fords





















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