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No appointments are needed.

Just show up and you will be seen in the order you arrive. Of course, if you're asked to stay to read and/or dance, you may be around a while.

If auditioning for a musical, prepare a brief song in the style of the show and have sheet music in the proper key. Also, bring proper footwear to dance in if needed.

For non-musicals, you will be given pre-selected sides from the script.

CALLBACKS: We often don't need to see people at a callback. Sometimes we see all we need to at the initial auditions. Not being called back does not mean you are not being considered for the production.

CASTING: We do our best to be respectful to all who audition by reaching out to those who have not been cast. We ALWAYS ask those cast to keep that information to themselves until we have reached everyone who was not cast - unfortunately, that doesn't always happens and our best efforts at sparing hard feelings are thwarted.

Generally, our rehearsals run Monday thru Thursday evenings from 7pm to 10pm.


Directed by Rob Nichols

Auditions will be held July 21 & 22 - 7pm to 10pm each night.
Those auditioning should be prepared to read from the script.

Performances will be held September 18 through October 5, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm and Sunday afternoons at 2pm in The Dressing Room Theatre.

Rehearsals will generally be held Monday thru Thursday evenings 7pm to 10pm beginning August 4.

Needed: 3 men, 2 women (breakdowns below)
Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

PLOT: Renowned playwright, Sidney Bruhl, is in a writer’s slump. To make his slump all the more painful, Clifford Anderson, a student of one of Sidney’s writing seminars, has recently sent his mentor a copy of his first attempt at playwriting for Sidney’s review and advice. Clifford’s play, “Deathtrap,” is a five character, two act thriller so perfect in its construction that, as Sidney says, “A gifted director couldn’t even hurt it.”

BACKGROUND: Deathtrap by Ira Levin is essentially a play within a play. It began its Broadway run in 1978 at the Music Box Theater and holds the record for the longest running comedy-thriller on Broadway and was also nominated for the Tony Award for Best Play.

CONTACT: If you have any questions, please email info@curtaincallinc.com


SYDNEY BRUHL (M) 50-65: A famous writer of Broadway thrillers. His recent string of flops has him considering just about anything to be back on top with a hit show. He is impressive, polished, manipulative, a bit flamboyant and self-assured. Must be capable of stage combat.

CLIFF ANDERSON (M) 25-35: An aspiring young playwright. Preppy, good-looking, intelligent and charming, all of which covers an ambitious and deceptive streak. He is determined to become a successful playwright. Must be capable of stage combat.

MYRA BRUHL (F) 35-50: Sydney’s self-effacing but charming wife. Sophisticated, upper class and supportive of her husband’s efforts to stay on top. She may be more “willing” than at first glance.

HELGA TEN DORP (F) 45-65: A famous German psychic who is visiting the neighbors of the Bruhl’s. She is nosey, quirky, struggles with her English, disarming and brave.

PORTER MILGRAM (M) 50-60: A Brahmin lawyer. An imposing man of substance who is on the lookout for Sidney’s best interests. A friend of the family.

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